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With over 3 Outlet Stores, Bira Furniture is the right choice for you! Simply its our verse Elegance over Excellence

Company Information

Bira furniture is one of the oldest wooden industry serving client since 1963 AD as BIRA deals with all kind of wooden products, manufacturing and supplying furniture, door/windows, frames, trusses, parquets, wall paneling.
Our Company Mission
The Vision
The Objectives
I just wanted to thank Bira for extreme support and solution services for me in creating a prefab house for my school. I loved the elegance and design proposed by Bira and now I am fully satisfied with the output they have given which matches perfect with the proposed design. 
Prajwal Adhikari, Chahabil
We were great search for vendors who could provide us a new look for our newly shifted office. As we went through Bira, our search was over and no doubt i can say now my office is one of the best in Kathmandu which consists perfect themed design with best quality Furniture we can have.
Jayaram Nepal, Communicate Media


Beauty and durability come together with parqueting . It is the floor that is natural and ecologically clean. It decorates and amplifies you interior. Bestow your creativity with its artistic textures.

Domestic Life

Kitchen interior reflects the scale and opulence of domestic life. Kitchen is the best place to savor the pleasure of being together. The marked personalities of innovative kitchen bring the soothing atmosphere of colorful and lively activity into the home .

Family Values

A grate dining room is the heart of family life. It is where bliss of life is served. It is a little domestic paradise where you would like to discover family values. Give it mark of your family values.